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    Education is a kind of learning in which children and adults change the ways of their thinking and tune their minds to positive approach due to inspiration or experience to benefit themselves and the world around to its larger extent. Due to the change of their thoughts, they change their habits and behaviour and sometimes the entire lifestyle.

    W Iqbal Majid

    Working at some position, you are responsible to do, manage and ensure the work done properly within the stipulated time what you’ve committed. You are there to remove the hindrances and solve the problems that…

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    God has blessed you with powers that are full of life, energies and are hyperactive. They rest in your emotions. They are under your will. They can perform a miracle. You just need to get…

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    Trust that people repose in us decides and describes our status in our family, business and society. We’ll have as many opportunities in our lives as the people trust us. The value of our degrees,…

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