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    Education is a kind of learning in which children and adults change the ways of their thinking and tune their minds to positive approach due to inspiration or experience to benefit themselves and the world around to its larger extent. Due to the change of their thoughts, they change their habits and behaviour and sometimes the entire lifestyle.

    W Iqbal Majid

    People are extremely busy these days in earning money and are more inclined towards their individual gains. Even the closest relations do not take care of each other.  The only relation with a strong bond…

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    Every child thinks and behaves according to his experience and age. He does what he likes and what he thinks is right. When we think he is doing wrong, we try to stop him and…

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    A general perception of earning is money. It’s a partial truth.  If you’ll ask me I would say we have four major earnings when we work. i.e., 1 Money2 Experience3 Goodwill or Trust4 Contact The money…

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