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    People are extremely busy these days in earning money and are more inclined towards their individual gains. Even the closest relations do not take care of each other.  The only relation with a strong bond of trust is supposed to exist between parents and their children, to be more precise, between parents and the unmarried children. If the only relation left is the one we are discussing and even we fail to build up our strong trust in our children what we have earned in our lives.

    Trust your children, spend a lot of time with them, listen to them, motivate them and give them full support if they want to do something positive. Convince them if you think they are wrong. Never impose your ideas and feelings on them. They themselves are alive and thinking human beings. Let them go towards their independence. They might have thoughts with a difference. They may progress with their thinking. Never let their confidence be shattered. Let them think themselves and do what they want, but keep an eye on the environment they move in.

    Our children may not need our wealth and assets after our death. They might have built their own by that time. They need our support today. Their inherited wealth are of much less value as compared to their success in their lives. Help and support them, invest your time and money today on them so that they may excel.

    All my time, ideas and assets I have today are for the progress of my children.


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