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    A general perception of earning is money. It’s a partial truth.  If you’ll ask me I would say we have four major earnings when we work. i.e.,

    1  Money
    2  Experience
    3  Goodwill or Trust
    4  Contact

    The money we earn against our services is paid by the employer or the customer. It is used for our living.
    Rest of three assets that we earn help us to grow and progress are rewarded by the work itself. Money that we earn is the crop we harvest. Experience is our land, goodwill is our agent that makes the environment in our favour and the contacts are the seed spreaders. Is it possible for us to harvest the crop without land, favourable environment and the seeds? Make the area of your land vast. Let the environment be more and more favourable and more people to spread seeds. Never let your land be barren. Never let your seeds be damaged. Do compromise on the crop if possible but never on increase in area  and fertility of the land or seeds.

    Be strict to the quality and service what you are committed to, not with your employer or your customer but with yourself.  No matter what you might have charged for, even result of the job may be a financial loss. If your employer or customer does not understand your commitment, quality and service, wait with a long patience. If serving again and again in same style they don’t feel and realise the standard of your work, quietly quit that environment and the lives of those people forever and never turn back. After having a look at your alternatives throughout their world if they come back to you, be polite and humble, work in same style but at your own terms, no negotiations at all.

    If you get in contact with the people who really understand and appreciate your efforts, believe, these people and this environment is a blessing for you. This is the place where you can live for the whole life. Take utmost care of this paradise.

    Look for a job in a company where there’s a vast scope of learning. Be loyal, work tough and hard with honesty. It will open the door of opportunities to you. Opportunities are the tests that allot a vast piece of land (experience), if you successfully pass them. After passing these tests you’ll have vast experience. During this experience you’ll meet and deal with several people, earn a lot of goodwill and contacts.

    Never negotiate the money, ask for the opportunity. If you get it prove yourself to your company with your conduct and hard work, all that you can do for them. Soon the employer himself will offer you the money you deserve because one of the criteria of salary and status is your  conduct and efficiency in comparison  to other employees. You’ll be judged within two three jobs. If your employer is unable to judge any other employer will patronise you. Your work will never go waste.
    In case of self employment earning money is reciprocal to the other three earnings i.e., ask for more money and decrease the three factors, agree at low price and have more work, get more experience, more goodwill and more contacts. So the least important of these four earnings is money and the most important are experience, goodwill and contact.

    After sometime money will follow you and try to find you everywhere in advance for the jobs you have not committed yet.
    In the end I want to include ‘learning’ an additional benefit of this deal that’s absolutely free.


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