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    Every child thinks and behaves according to his experience and age. He does what he likes and what he thinks is right. When we think he is doing wrong, we try to stop him and sometimes punish him. We cannot correct him by getting cross or giving punishment because the problem is the way he’s thinking. For that we have to tune his mind. We have to convince him to stop doing certain things what we think are wrong or we have to motivate him to do what we think are right. If we successfully convince him he will stop doing the things forever. If we punish him he will stop doing the things temporarily. It’s like using a painkiller that does not cure disease but gives a relief as long as its effect is there. So because the child was convinced before the punishment that he was right he will again be on his way. So never punish a child, always convince him. Sometimes we snub the child because we do not have enough time to convince him. Our behaviour towards child also depends upon our own temperament and education. We might be loose tempered and may not be able to convince him. In that case we’ve to educate ourselves first.


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